ANIMANTZ has specialized in eLearning content development that confirms to standard of SCORM and we are SCORM certified eLearning content provider and best elearning company.
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 Animantz was established in the Year 2005. It started with a small team, catering to animation and eLearning  services and currently it has spread its wings under 4 different business-units, ramified to eLearning, 2D  Animation, Flash Games and Preproduction. Animantz is a growing elearning and animation studio  operating from  the heart of Chennai City.  Animantz is a SCORM certified eLearning content provider.

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  What is SCORM?
 Sharable Content Object


Reference Model
(SCORM) is a collection of standards  and specifications for web-based e-learning.


It defines communications between client  side content and a host system called the run-time environment (commonly a function  of a learning management system). SCORM also defines how content may be packaged  into a transferable ZIP file.

  Learning Management System
 A learning management system provides the platform for the enterprise's online  learning environment by enabling the management, delivery and tracking of blended  learning (i.e., online and traditional classroom) for employees, stakeholders and  customers.

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